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                            LACQUER LINE FOR SALE


                            Barberan Automatic Lacquer Spray Line (ref-lacquerline-1001)


                            Barberan Automatic Lacquer Spray Line
                            8000 Hours of Service
                            Line Speed 1-12 m/min. ( 3-39 Ft/Min )
                            Carousel RPM 1-25 RPM
                            8 Spray Arms
                            Liquid Recovery YES
                            Product Water Base/Solvent
                            Min. Width 4”
                            Max. Width 60”
                            Min. Length 6”
                            Max. Length 120”
                            Distance Between Parts 3”
                            Height of Guns 3 1/8” - 8 3/8”
                            Cycle Time 13 Ft/Min.
                            UV Oven 3 Lamps
                            Infra Red Oven 2 Units of 3 Lamps
                            Barberan Motorized Infeed Conveyor Model MMV 3500/1800
                            Barberan Transfer Table with Suction Model MTB 3500/1800
                            Barberan Panel Brush Cleaner Model LP 1800
                            Barberan Automatic Spray Booth Model RR-B8
                            Barberan Evaporation Tunnel Model TEV E MT
                            Barberan Cross Transfer Tunnel Model TEVT E MTAP
                            Barberan Infra Red Drying Tunnel Model TSP MT
                            Barberan UV Drying & Curing Tunnel Model HOK E 3 1800
                            Barberan Motorized Outfeed Conveyor Model MMV 3500/1800
                            Year: 2009

                            View it running: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16QJ4jQXUJw&feature=youtu.be